GovTech Solutions

BASIS International supports governments across Africa on their journey of implementing digital governments, we leverage ICT in designing innovative e-Governance data-driven digital platforms with the aim of promoting efficiency, improved service delivery, citizen engagement, Open Government Initiatives and combating corruption.

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Justice Innovations

BASIS International collaborates with Justice institutions, Civil society Organizations, Legal Aid Providers, Citizens and development Partners, in designing citizen centered approaches and innovations to bridge the gap in Access to Justice, Increase levels of accountability, inclusivity, transparency, and citizen satisfaction in the Justice System.

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HealthTech Solutions

BASIS Digital Healthcare Services and Solutions aim at improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes across the Healthcare Ecosystem. Our solutions support healthcare leaders, workers, entrepreneurs, public and private institutions, to make better decisions in improving healthcare services, making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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EduTech Solutions

At BASIS we develop end to end Education Solutions, our solutions are premised on key drivers which include, Improved Productivity, Accessbility, Accountability, Inclusivity, and Affordability of Education Services across Africa. We aim at using Techology to drive increased uptake of education services in various communities across Africa.

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Enterprise Solutions

At BASIS International, we major in Creating, delivering and optimizing rich and personalized digital experiences for our clients. We design and build solutions that fit your company’s ecosystem, requirements and performance objectives. Our approach gives you the power to create, deliver and optimize rich and personalized digital experiences to serve your clientele and stakeholders.

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AgriTech Solutions

BASIS Center for Agribusiness comprises a network of AgriTech enthusiasts, research, development, entrepreneurship, investors, and market experts. We build innovative and value-based agricultural solutions that are profitable, sustainable, fostering growth and efficiency across the entire agribusiness value chain across Africa.

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Environment & Climate

At BASIS, we purpose to contribute towards Climate Change in various spaces using technology to enhance understanding of the Climate, mitigate impacts, and develop resilience. Our team works with clients to accelerate the development and scaling of climate innovation that will protect the planet. We work with national and local governments and corporations to build their climate-risk resiliency.

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FinTech Solutions


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