BASIS Innovation Centres Across Africa

Center for Information Technology

Basis International core business is established on design, development and implementation of unique Business solutions using technology to enhance productivity and improve business processes. Services executed by our SD team include, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Product Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Development, System Integration.

Center for Justice Innovations

BASIS Centre for Justice Innovations aims at improving the efficiency and speed of the delivery of Justice by leveraging the power of digital technology which helps to remove some of the limitations of Access to Justice. We craft solutions for people-centered Justice, promoting citizen engagement, enhancing government accountability, advancing social inclusion, preserving the rule of law and strengthening the public capacity to demand transparent government.

Centre for Healthcare Innovations

BASIS Center for Healthcare Innovations leverages technology and strategy to develop solutions, services, and products for improving healthcare across Africa. Our solutions support healthcare leaders, workers, investors, entrepreneurs, public and private institutions, to make better decisions in improving healthcare services, making healthcare more affordable and accessible. We develop and deploy healthcare innovations that are greatly contributing to improving healthcare services.

Centre for Education Innovations

BASIS Education Cluster leverages technology and strategy to develop end-to-end education solutions and digital products that aim at promoting and enhancing an effective and transformative education ecosystem in sub-Saharan Africa. we work with several organizations and education stakeholders to contribute towards an inclusive and impacting education system across Africa.

Center for Agribusiness Innovations

BASIS Center for Agribusiness comprises a network of AgriTech enthusiasts, research, development, entrepreneurship, investors, and market experts. We build innovative and value-based agricultural solutions that are profitable, sustainable, fostering growth and efficiency across the entire agribusiness value chain across Africa

Centre for Financial Innovations

BASIS Center for Financial Innovations comprises of experts in the finance indusry, Technologoy space and among others spaces to promote and enhance businness profitability leveraging on the power of Tech and Strategy. Implementation of our methodology and proven recommendations significantly reduces the cost of doing business and drive for profitability.

Centre for Enterprise Digital Solutions

At BASIS International, we major in Creating, delivering and optimizing rich and personalized digital experiences for our clients. We design and build solutions that fit your company’s ecosystem, requirements and performance objectives. Our approach gives you the power to create, deliver and optimize rich and personalized digital experiences to serve your clientele and stakeholders.

Climate & Environmental Innovations

BASIS Center for Climate Change and Environmental Innvations offers Sustainable solutions to challenges caused by Climate change and Environmental Degradation. We build solutions geared to resilience and reducing the effects of climate and environmental change across Africa

Center for Media Innovations

BASIS Center for Media Innovations provides our clients with value-based public engagement tools to effectively reach their desired client base. We develop content for mainstream media and public consumption. We work with several organisation to offer rapporteur services, documentaries, and Communication strategies.