Basis Consulting Services

Strategic ICT Advisory Services

Software Development

Basis International core business is established on design, development and implementation of unique Business solutions using technology to enhance productivity and improve business processes. Services executed by our SD team include, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Product Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Development, System Integration.

Technology Transformation

Work with BASIS to define a future-state technology architecture and integration framework that is agile, cost-effective, and business aligned. Our Technology Transformation Services identify key gaps and risks in current technology environments. Our comprehensive assessment evaluates an environment’s ability to scale, integrate, and support long-term technology and business goals in order to lead the client’s IT transformation process

Digital Transformation

Embrace the disruption of digital technologies and transform your organization, BASIS’s digital consulting services leverage disruptive technologies, such as cloud services and solutions and advanced analytics along with managed IT services, to define digital business strategies and drive IT transformation and technology modernization for our clients. Services include, Digital business strategies, Digital redness assessment, Digital governance. Customer Experience transformation.

Strategic Business Advisory

Project Planning and Management

BASIS project managers can come in to directly lead client projects or they can serve in an advisory and coaching role to your in-house project management team. In addition, we can assist the organization in developing those core competencies and processes needed to effectively manage such initiatives in-house in the future.

Business Process Management

Successful implementation of a new system is about changing and improving the business processes that are supported by that system. Our process improvement services can form an engagement of their own, or they can be incorporated as part of our support for new systems implementation.

Big Data and Analytics Services

BASIS experts will work with your organisation to unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn't even know you had. Data and analytics strategy, Data discovery and augmentation, Data management, Data democratization, Industrialized solutions.

Change Management

BASIS consultants can assist in a variety of change management activities, such as sponsorship planning, team building and coaching, education and training, assessing and overcoming resistance, and communications programs. We can also assist in organizational design, skills planning, and talent acquisition

Organization Transformation

Evaluate your business service strategy, Human Resources capabilities, CCM strategy, and governance strategy. BASIS’s Organization Transformation Services evaluates a business using 4 independent tracks supported by a common plan and followed by a launch and optimization phase..

Governance, Risk & Compliance

we provide best practice processes and state-of-the-art technology and automation to enable organizations to improve alignment with business strategies, promote operational transparency, and better manage relationships. Implementation of our methodology and proven recommendations significantly reduces the cost of governance.