ENGAGE YO GOV (EYG), is a citizen-to-government engagement initiative by a team of innovators at BASIS International Limited that aims at using technology, sustainability by design model, and whole-of-government approach to building sustainable innovations that bridge the gap between citizens, businesses, civil societies, development partners, NGOs, and Government agencies for improved public service delivery, increased public trust, improved customer care, proper governance, and accountability.

The EYG Initiative envisions an integrated digital government, where government agencies across all sectors can easily communicate with each other via an integrated digital platform. We aim at building and developing innovative sustainable solutions and mechanisms that promote the adoption of GovTech initiatives in public Institutions while putting the Citizens at the center of national governance. EYG solutions and products help public servants to work more effectively and efficiently while delivering services to citizens in a more innovative way.

The main objective of the EYG Initiative is to develop solutions and mechanisms that promote the adoption of GovTech solutions in public institutions as a means to increase citizen participation in the affairs of national governance, improve public service delivery, promote good governance, promote rule of law, accountability and increase good customer care in public institutions.

  • Integrated Government agencies which can easily communicate and share information among themselves using an integrated platform/system.
  • Increased Citizen participation in government programs and projects
  • Improved customer care in public institutions
  • Increase in the use and adoption of digital tools both in public institutions and the citizens

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